About Us

O F Resource Recovery (formerly One Paper) performs an integral role in the process of diverting paper and cardboard waste from landfill, and turning it into reusable commodities. By diverting waste products into the recycling stream, we make a positive environmental impact by reducing the number of trees that otherwise would have been felled, as well as saving the water and energy that would have been used to process them.


Our process is simple; the waste material is either dropped off by the user, collection contractor or we collect it in one of our compactors or in our Tautliner. We then sort it, consolidate it and send it to other facilities for re-processing into like product.


We are a privately-owned Australian company that prides itself on ethical recycling. For us, excellent customer service is what drives us to continually improve our business processes. Our management team has over 50 years’ combined experience in the recycling industry and we are proud of our track record in being able to tailor a recycling solution to suit your needs.


We are nimble in our ways of working and pride ourselves in being community minded. We have a Quality Management System that is certified to the international standard, ISO 9001:2015, thus providing you peace of mind that our methods and processes are designed with the customer in mind.


The Business

We are an Australian paper and cardboard recycler operating in Laverton.


Our facility is strategically situated 8 km from the inner City of Melbourne and is very close to port facilities and major road networks. Our site is accessible 24 x 7 (afterhours via a key system once inducted) making us the prefered Company for many collection contractors, due to ease of access, quick drop turn around and being easy to deal with. We also operate our own fleet of vehicles and operate our own baling equipment.


Over time we have developed long standing affiliations with several larger recyclable collection contractors and, by working together and listening to their needs, we continue to divert waste from landfill.